Letter from the O’s: Brad Oneglia

Letter from the O’s: Brad Oneglia

As one of New England’s largest construction and construction materials suppliers, much of what O&G does is front and center. From the miles of roads, our crews pave each year, to the various school projects we are involved in, to the countless buildings adorned with our masonry products and built with O&G concrete our efforts are visible to everyone. Seeing the fruits of our labor across the state and region is something I have always enjoyed, as should every member of the O&G family. That is why I find it somewhat ironic that the theme running throughout the articles in this issue of our newsletter revolves around the projects O&G has been working on behind the scenes.

If you were to take a tour of many of our facilities, the investments O&G has been making for the future would not be readily apparent. Things like improved piping insulation, updated motors, and energy-efficient lighting are not always obvious to the untrained eye. Rooftop solar energy systems cannot be seen from ground level, and the impressive array of panels installed at the Southbury Quarry is somewhat off the beaten path.

But none of that should minimize the tremendous impact these efforts will have. In business, it is always important to try to arrive at a win-win outcome. Both sides involved in a transaction should walk away feeling satisfied and knowing they received value. It is rare to find opportunities for a win-win-win situation. Our accomplishments in environmental sustainability are just that, though.

First and foremost, they provide a win for the environment. These efforts will reduce O&G’s carbon footprint and help create an improved environment now and in the future. Second, they provide a win for our customers and clients. Knowing they are doing business with a company that truly cares about the impact it has on the communities we are involved in is an added bonus that goes beyond fair pricing, high-quality products, and great customer service. Third, with the high cost of energy, these conservation efforts will assist in making sure O&G is continually able to provide cost-effective products and solutions for our customers. Those who have been directly involved in these projects take great pride in what they have been able to accomplish. They know they are making a difference. We all owe them our gratitude as they are helping to leave our corner of the world a better, cleaner place.

So please enjoy learning within these pages some of what O&G has been working on. O&G’s success has always been powered by the dedicated men and women who come to work here every day. With a little help from the sun, our future looks brighter than ever!

Brad Oneglia, Vice President