The Future is GREEN at O&G

As the company nears its 100th anniversary, it is focused on continuing the critical work to be a good environmental steward and ensure the planet (and company) is around for another 100 years. We are continuously improving operations across all facilities to conserve resources and promote the elimination of any adverse environmental impacts associated with our daily operations and products.

In 2018 the company and its Board of Directors adopted an Environmental Policy “to protect the environment for the health, safety, and quality of life for our communities, our employees, our customers, and the general public.” The company aims to conduct operations in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. This goal is a priority of O&G’s leadership and an inherent responsibility of every O&G employee.

Investing In Solar Power

O&G has invested significantly in adding solar power to many of its facilities. Most notable is the 3,762-panel solar farm at O&G’s Southbury Quarry. The five-acre solar farm powers the entire complex. Surplus energy is stored and fed back into the utility’s grid. It’s the first such industrial application of its kind in Connecticut.

Energy-Efficient Asphalt
and Concrete Plants

To demonstrate our commitment to protecting the environment, O&G has taken the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry – to improve energy efficiency at all our asphalt and concrete plants by at least 10% within five years.

Read this case study to learn how O&G worked with Eversource Energy Efficiency Consultants to makes these important improvements and updates.

Greener Asphalt and Concrete Mixtures

The Asphalt Industry is committed to net-zero pavements by 2050, and O&G is doing its part. A crucial step in this process is creating environmental product declarations (EPDs) for all our asphalt and concrete mixes. EPDs are like a “nutrition label” for products that report their environmental impacts.

We are constantly piloting new products to offer our clients more sustainable choices, like FORTAfied™ asphalt, which is more durable and 100% recyclable.

Alternative Transportation for Materials

Materials are transported to and from our shoreline plants via tugboat and barge, which is equivalent to taking 1,900 trucks off the roads each month.

Sustainable Construction

O&G is rated among ENR’s Top 100 Green Contractors. We’ve built over 6 million square feet of LEED-certified or high-performance buildings. Most recently, we built one of Connecticut’s first net-zero public schools.

Practicing "Pozzotive-ity"

Urban Mining CT is turning glass from local municipal recycling facilities into a substance called Pozzotive, an additive for concrete. It makes very high-performance, sustainable concrete. This creation has solved a municipal recycling problem, cut the energy needed to produce concrete, reduced CO2 emissions for that same process, and created a first-of-its-kind green building product. O&G was the first construction company in Connecticut to form a relationship with Urban Mining, making Pozzotive available to all our clients.

Co-Existing with Nature

At our Bridgeport asphalt plant, when an osprey found the crane to be the perfect summer home, our team built a platform out of the danger zone, which the bird decided was a suitable replacement for his nest! At the New Milford quarry, a population of bats has been hibernating in a defunct tunnel. Within ten years, mining will close in on this habitat. To do our part in the conservation of this bat species, a new bat cave was created, well out of harm’s way. This effort was recognized by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection with the GreenCircle Sustainability Award for Innovation.