Free O&G Tool to Optimize a Project for Low Carbon

Designed for the specifier to quickly see the reduced carbon potential for any project

Engineering and designing new low-carbon mixes that meet all constructability requirements is a new challenge for engineers, architects, and general contractors.

A first in the Northeast, the O&G Industries Project Builderâ„¢ is a free and powerful tool that enables specifiers to quickly see the range of possible embodied carbon impacts for an entire project, by concrete mix at any stage in the design cycle.

Quick and easy to use, the O&G Project Builder is a breakthrough tool for quickly estimating impacts with verified data, creating downloadable reports, and forming a quality starting point for follow on consultations with O&G experts. The downloadable detail reports form a basis for collaborating with O&G experts, to make tradeoffs and create the optimal solution for any project while also meeting all performance requirements.