New Haven Harbor Crossing Corridor Improvements






This project encompassed approximately one mile of I-95 in New Haven. Additional lanes, full shoulders, and a new median barrier were constructed in both directions, along with new drainage, signage, and lighting. Seven bridge structures were either constructed or reconstructed, as well as three pre-cast retaining walls spanning over 250 ft. Much of the project’s widening involved large 30-foot cuts on the east end of the project and an equally large embankment area on the west end to accommodate new on and off ramps as well as a large sedimentation basin for the new drainage system. The large cut-and-fill areas, coupled with limited available land area, necessitated the use of pre-cast retaining wall systems. A special feature of this project was the use of architectural form liners for both the structures and retaining walls, giving all the concrete work a rectangular-cut stone look. The architectural treatment gave this project a distinctive look not present on most highway projects. The project was completed nearly one year ahead of schedule.

New Haven Harbor Crossing Corridor Improvements in New Haven, CT

Architect / Engineer