Rehabilitation of Bogue Road Bridge






O&G’s Heavy Civil Division was just awarded the CTDOT project to rehab the Bogue Road Bridge over the Naugatuck River. The completed bridge project will provide enhanced safety and serviceability of the roadway at the Naugatuck River in addition to restoring the bridge to current design standards. The rehabilitation of the bridge includes the rapid and complete replacement of the existing bridge deck with a proprietary precast concrete full-depth panel system. Work also includes installing steel railings, constructing abutment joints, constructing a link slab using UHPC concrete, the application of a waterproofing membrane and bituminous concrete wearing surface, the replacement of existing steel bearings with elastomeric pads, girder repairs, minor substructure modifications, and back wall extensions, approach roadway reconstruction, minor drainage improvements, and the installation of approach metal beam rails and concrete end blocks.

Architect / Engineer